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Deputy Inspections

Ensuring compliance with all building codes and project specifications.

Material Testing

Conducting thorough testing per ASTM standards.

Non Destructive Testing

Advanced testing methods for accurate results.

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Commerford Inspection, Inc has provided quality deputy inspection and materials testing services on all types of projects, from single unit residences to 2-million-square-foot distribution centers.

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Founded in 1987 by Debra and Daniel Commerford, we bring over 35 years of experience to every project. From single-unit residences to large distribution centers, our team provides reliable and professional inspection services. Client testimonials highlight our punctuality, professionalism, and expertise.

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Why are Deputy Inspections required?
Construction inspection is a required process in any construction project, large or small. Whether the structure being built is a small office building, a skyscraper, or an industrial facility, inspection must be carried out during construction to ensure that the structure will be compliant with all local building codes. Using knowledge of international building codes, deputy inspectors observe and document construction practices and materials utilized to ensure they meet the approved project plans, specifications and applicable building codes.
What qualifications do Deputy Inspectors need?
Deputy Inspectors must have extensive knowledge of construction practices and building materials. Each Deputy is licensed with the International Code Council (ICC) and experienced in their respective fields, such as concrete or masonry, and from there Inspectors are registered to work in specific jurisdictions such as the City of Los Angeles or County of Riverside. They are required to have continuing education in order to maintain their certifications with ICC.
Why Choose Commerford Inspection?
Commerford Inspection’s main goal is to provide quality service in the most cost-effective way for the client. We believe in long lasting relationships and we will make our best effort to assist in keeping our cost as low as possible for our clients. A large portion of our client base have been with us since the early 2000’s and we offer competitive pricing.

Client Testimonials

Commerford Inspection Inc. Testimonials

Dean Hinson, Clotworthy Construction: "Clotworthy Construction has been using Commerford Inspection Inc. for over 10 years. Their team of inspectors is always on time, informative, and easy to work with. Scheduling, even at late notice, has always been as easy as a phone call. Commerford Inspection Inc. is a reliable, honest, and trustworthy team that has always met our needs. Their dedication to thorough inspections and clear communication has made them an indispensable part of our project process."

Commerford Inspection Inc. Testimonials

Alex Mustapha, AMA Construction Services: "AMA Construction Services has been using Commerford Inspections for the past five years. Our projects require many types of special inspections, and their inspectors have been very professional and knowledgeable. They have performed excellent work in a timely manner, ensuring that all paperwork required by the building department is completed accurately and on time. Their punctuality and commitment to quality make them our go-to inspection service. We highly recommend Commerford Inspections for any construction project that demands precision and reliability."

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